Uday Chopra is facing depression, says ‘I am Not ok! I am trying but so far I’m failing’


Bollywood actor Uday Chopra who made his bollywood debut from the film ‘Mohabbatein’ is nowhere to be seen in the industry. Well now, according to latest reports, Uday Chopra is facing depression.

Uday Chopra is facing depression

The actor confessed in his tweets that he is not okay and that he is trying his best to be fine but so far he is failing in it.

The post read, “Confession: I am not ok! I am trying but so far I’m failing”.

Uday Chopra is facing depression

“For a few hours, I De-activated my twitter account. It felt as close to death as I could get. Was phenomenal! I think this is a good good option to suicide. I might be doing it permanently soon”

Back in August 2018 that he has lost his passion to love. “I wish I could love with the same intensity I used to love a few years ago. There was this girl and I felt alive just loving her. I’ve lost that now. I just want that passion back. Maybe that’s all I need,” he posted on his Twitter.

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In an interview with DNA India, Uday had spoken about not finding acceptance from the audience. He said, “Everyone who enters Bollywood has dreams. I won’t lie — I wanted to be number one too, but things did not work out. I faced rejection from the audience and I just couldn’t accept it. I went into denial, refusing to believe that this could be happening…but then reality hit me hard. In these two years, all the froth and rubbish has come out of me. I now know who I am and what my limitations are. It’s been a cathartic process.”