One Day: Justice Delivered review: Esha Gupta and Anupam Kher starrer will disappoint you

One Day: Justice Delivered review

Star Cast:

Anupam Kher, Esha Gupta, Kumud Mishra


Ashok Nanda


Ketan Patel and Swati Singh


2.5/5 Stars

Music Director:

Vikrant-Parijat, Joy-Anjan, Rishi Singh

Esha Gupta and Anupam Kher starrer One Day: Justice Delivered has been released in cinemas. The film story revolves around a crime branch special officer who investigates the serial disappearance of high profile individuals in the state capital. Here is One Day: Justice Delivered review which might help you to watch it.

One Day: Justice Delivered review

Story of the movie:

It’s a story of a retired judge Tyagi (Anupam Kher), who turns vigilante after retirement, to punish all those culprits who were walking the streets scot-free owing to lack of evidence against them.Tyagi was bound by law to give judgements on some cases that he felt were unfair. And one particular incident jolts him from the inside and that’s when he takes matters into his own hands and embarks on a mission to extract confessions from all those criminals. Simultaneously, when a series of missing person cases involving high-profile individuals intrigues a crime branch special officer Laxmi Rathi (Esha Gupta), she decides to investigate the matter. Will they get succeed in their mission, for this you have to watch the film.

Star Performance:

Anupam Kher as retired Judge is quite promising. Kumud Mishra is his professional best as Sharma, a police officer. Esha Gupta, who plays Crime Branch Officer Laxmi Rathi, fakes a North Indian accent atrociously.

Music Direction:

Music is easily forgettable as there is not even a single song that goes well with the storyline.


The story of the film is quite interesting but the direction of Ashok Nanda seems quite loose and scattered. Especially the first half of the film disappoints you.

Watch Or Not:

You can watch it once, otherwise wait for it’s television premiere.

One Day Justice Delivered Trailer:

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