Dr Krupa Desai Quits The Show, Wins Rs 25,00,000


Host Amitabh Bachchan begins tonight’s episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 11 by introducing roll-over contestant Himanshu Dhuria. So far, Himanshu Dhuria played brilliantly to reach the 1 Crore question. Check out Rs 1 crore question here:

Dr Krupa Desai Quits The Show, Wins Rs 25,00,000 3

Q. Whose Persian translation of several Upanishads is known as the ‘Sirr-e-Akbar’?

A. Dara Shikoh

Pilot Himanshu Dhuria quit the show at Rs 1 crore question and wins Rs 50,00,000.

Dr Krupa Mehulben Desai takes on the hot seat. She is an Aayush Medical Officer in the Primary Health Centre, Una, Gujarat. She is a single mother and wants her son to represent India for rifle shooting in the Olympics. If she wins on KBC, She would use the prize money amount to build a house for herself and to set up an NGO to create employment opportunities for women and work towards their security. She does not want to marry again because when she registered herself on a matrimonial site, all the prospective grooms liked her but refused to accept her son. She utilises most of her salary for buying her son’s expensive shooting equipment. Nevertheless, her mother and brother also support her financially.

Question 1. If you had to reach somewhere by 10:05 and you reach at 17:05 hours, how late are you?

A. 7 Hours

Question 2. What is the surname of the brothers who play for Mumbai Indians?

A. Pandya

Question 3. Which of these brands’ mascot is a caricature of a little girl/

A. Amul

Question 4. At which temple in Gujarat is the three-day dance festival ‘Uttaradh Mahotsav’celebrated?

A. Sun Temple, Modhera

Question 5. The Apgar Score is used to quickly assess the health of which of these?

A. Newborn babies

Question 6. According to legend, which scholar cut away the very branch of the tree on which he sat?

A. Kalidasa

Question 7. On the outskirts of which capital city is this fort, related to the Kuchwaha clan of Rajputs, located?

A. Jaipur

Question 8. Which of these athletes won their Olympic medal first?

A. Leander Paes

Question 9. In 2019, who became the youngest-ever member of the Lok Sabha?

A. Chandrani Murmu

Question 10. With the help of which business leader did Bal Gangadhar Tilak found the Bombay Swadeshi Cooperative Stores, now known as The Bombay Stores?

A. Ratanji Jamshedji Tata

Question 10/Flip the Question. The Mahatma Gandhi IT and Biotechnology Park, inaugurated in Grand-Bassam, is in which African country?

A. Ivory Coast

Question 11 . According to the Valmiki Ramayana, who was the wife of Vibhishan?

A. Sarama

Dr Krupa Desai is a divorcee and is worried that someday her son will wish to meet his father. In spite of this, she will not stop her son from going to meet his father.

Question 12. Which is the first man-made plastic?

A. Parkesine

Dr Krupa Desai quits the show, wins Rs 25,00,000.