A woman apologizes for falsely accusing Ali Zafar for sexual harassment


Last year, Tanushree Dutta kick-started the much-needed #MeToo movement in India. Thereafter several celebrities found themselves in the radar of allegations. Amidst all such allegations, Pakistani singer Ali Zafar too landed in trouble.

A woman apologizes for falsely accusing Ali Zafar

The actor has been accused of sexual harassment by Pakistani singer Meesha Shafi. Post that another woman named Sofi too alleged the singer and opened up on Twitter against Zafar.

In her Tweet, Sofi had alleged that “this guy (Ali Zafar) came to States (USA) at a fund raiser I was organizing by APNA, we sent a girl to liaison with him from airport etc and she said the entire day he touched her back, tried to move too close to her, stared at her, she was exasperated; he is a habitual lecher.”

A woman apologizes for falsely accusing Ali Zafar

But soon, she deleted her tweet when the official representative of Shaukat Khanum Hospital confronted her allegations.

Now, Sofi has apologized to Ali Zafar yesterday.

Sofi Tweeted, “@AliZafarsays I am sorry that a lie I was told & believed hastily (bcos liar was very young) though deleted is still being used to bash you & cause you pain. I shud have clarified much sooner but I was afraid of the trolls & online stalking & abuse. I hope this can atone for it.”

Sofi also said “I am a victim of harassment & a MeToo supporter & inclined to by a woman’s account but sometimes our faith in people is misplaced. I regret the pain my naïveté & lack of impartial judgment has caused Mr Zafar & I hope this can make amends!”

Sofi added that “And for all the #MeToo supporters, we still need to support #MeToo & harassment victims but please don’t commit the mistake I made & do some research of the account told to you. Sometimes there r agendas at play which we only realize much much later!”

Sharing the tweets on his social media, Ali Zafar wrote, “The most courageous, brave and graceful thing you can do is accept and apologize for your mistake. I want everyone to respect this girl now and forever. Do not doubt or judge her or her intentions. She is verified to be a real and genuine victim of harassment who was misguided like many others at the time. She recreated and posted this from the same account she had posted from last year and deleted which is part of the legal record. This should be a learning curve for all to always verify FACTS before reaching any conclusion. Once again, thank you for your faith and love. Much love.”

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In April 2018, Meesha accused the actor of physically harassing her on “more than one occasion”. However, Ali denies the allegations and said that silence is not an option and he will take a legal course to counter Shafi’s charges against him.

The case has been adjourned till October 7, 2019.