Complaint filed against Gurdas Maan for skipping Durga Puja show


A complaint has been filed against Punjabi singer Gurdas Maan for allegedly breaching a contract.

Complaint filed against Gurdas Maan

According to the 22 Pally Durga Puja committee, Maan was invited to perform at the pandal based on the theme of Amritsar’s Golden Temple on October 6. The advance payment, too, reportedly, was made.

Complaint filed against Gurdas Maan

However, on arrival at the Kolkata airport, Maan, reportedly, was shown a video of the pandal and the venue. The veteran singer immediately refused to perform there, calling it an ‘unethical encroachment of Sikh morals’ as people were entering bare-headed and wearing footwear, both of which are forbidden in the original Golden Temple.

“Sadly, even if it ruffles the organizers, I could not have done this as it’s completely against my personal belief in the sanctity of religious places,” Maan, reportedly, told media persons.

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he Durga Puja committee, however, claimed that Maan was told about the planning and the theme well in advance and at that time, he took the money and agreed to perform only to back out later. The veteran singer had reportedly taken the amount of Rs 6 lakh to perform at the Pandal that he is yet to return.