Salim Merchant claims Yash Raj Films failed to give him royalties for 4 years


Recently, Aditya Chopra’s production house Yash Raj Films has been accused of allegedly pocketing a whopping price of Rs. 100 crore from music royalties belonging to the IPRS.

Salim Merchant claims Yash Raj Films failed to give him royalties

Now, the music composer Salim Merchant claims that the production house has not paid him royalties from the last four years.

While talking to Quint, Salim said, “Yash Raj has been collecting money on behalf of the composer and lyricist- that much I know – but I don’t know whether they have paid anyone. They have certainly not paid me and Sulaiman. It’s Yash Raj Films and T-Series, these two companies have not been paying”.

Salim Merchant claims Yash Raj Films failed to give him royalties

Salim Merchant also said that lyricist Javed Akhtar – chairperson of the Indian Performing Rights Society (IPRS) – has also not received any royalty from Yash Raj Films. “I know Javed Akhtar sahib has not been paid, for sure. Because my last meeting with him… You know, he’s not been paid, Sulaiman and I have not been paid – any royalties that have come from Yash Raj Films, we have not been paid,” Salim told the publication.

Salim said that he and Sulaiman have stopped working with Yash Raj Films over the past few years. Asked if the non-payment of royalties has affected his career, Salim Merchant said: “I didn’t think like that it is going to affect my career. There are lots of other companies like Zee Music, Sa Re Ga Ma, Sony Music. So, whatever music we’ve been doing in the recent past are with these companies.”

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FIR filed against Yash Raj Films for duping Rs 100 crore from artists

The IPRS which comprises of composers, singers and lyricists reportedly files an FIR against YRF alleging that the production company has collected over Rs. 100 crore in music royalty, which actually belongs to members of the IPRS.

The FIR is registered under section 409 that talks about criminal breach of trust and 34 of common intention of IPC and other sections of Copyright Act.

The Yash Raj Films has not issued any statement yet.