BB13: Salman Khan gets angry on contestants, asks Shehnaaz, Sidharth, Asim and Bhau to pack bags and leave


Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Vaar is finally here. In tonight’s episode, Salman will lashed out at the contestants for fighting physically.

Salman Khan gets angry on contestants

He scolds the contestants for being aggressive during a simple task.

In the said video, we can see Salman Khan reprimanding the contestants for the physical violence as he says that in one day, there have been 6 X-rays and fractures in the house and thereafter, he tells Sid, Sana, Bhau and Asim to pack their bags and leave the house.

Salman Khan gets angry on contestants

He says, “Pehli fursat me nikalna padega. Open the door, Bigg Boss.”

Watch the promo here:

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In yesterday’s episode, during a task when Rashami Desai was holding Mahira’s doll, Shehnaaz tried to snatch the doll away from Desai and that is when Rashami got hurt and later, when she visited the doctor, it was informed that Rashmai has suffered a fracture in her finger. Also, during the captaincy task, Sidharth Shukla pushed Asim during their fight.

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