Bigg Boss 13: Rashami Desai forgives Arhaan Khan for hiding the truth about his child, watch video


Recently, Bigg Boss 13 host Salman Khan exposed Arhaan Khan’s truth to Rashami Desai about his marriage and a child. Rashami was in a state of huge shock after learning this and Salman went inside the house to pacify her.

Rashami Desai forgives Arhaan Khan

Rashami Desai forgives Arhaan Khan

But now, Rashami forgives Arhaan. In the latest promo which is doing the rounds, Rashami was seen expressing her feelings for Arhaan saying that he probably loves her more but there is no one who can handle her with so much love and care as he does. She said ‘I Love You’ to him and they end up hugging and a happy Asim is seen cheering for them.

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Some things are hard to explain. Sometimes we say something but mean something else, and then do something and say something else. We were all there. Because we’re only humans, and we’re not perfect. Sometimes, even though one appears as calm as a sea on the outside, they’re fighting a war on the inside. And as complex as human minds can be, thankfully, Love is always there to ease our pain. And while love is important to sustain a relationship, forgiveness is equally important to be able to accept the other’s imperfections and love with no barriers once again. Because forgiveness is the purest form of love ❤️ #biggboss13 #bb13 #arhaankhan #arhaanarmy Styled by @akansha.27 Assisted by @seam_stress_by_rajludhwani Outfit by @tiktauli @colorstv @endemolshineind @voot

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Meanwhile, in the previous episode, Arhaan talks ill about Rashami to Shefali Bagga. He said, “When I met Rashami there was zero balance in her account. She was on the road.” He added, “Only I know how I managed to help her out and make her what she is now.”

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To this, Rashami’s brother Gaurav slams Arhaan. Speaking to SpotboyE, Gaurav shared, “My sister was never on road. I really don’t understand why is he (Arhaan) even talking such things about Rashami and damaging her image. This isn’t normal to hear from your partner. Plus, the recent event that happened during the Weekend ka Vaar was very disturbing and now he talking about my sister being on road? I’m sorry but this is rubbish and very upsetting.”

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