Bigg Boss 13: Akanksha Puri reacts to his boyfriend Paras’ kiss with Mahira


Bigg Boss 13 is getting intense with each passing day. In last night’s episode, Paras and Mahira confess their feelings to one another.

Akanksha Puri reacts to his boyfriend Paras' kiss with Mahira

Paras was also seen getting cozy and kissing Mahira on her cheeks.

Akanksha Puri reacts to his boyfriend Paras’ kiss with Mahira

Well now, Akanksha Puri who is dating Paras commented on the same. In an interview with  with India Forums, Akansha Puri said, “Now, even I have started doubting that he has been either playing there for three months or playing with me for three years. I guess my suggested idea is proving heavy to me. Still, I want to wait for him to come out and talk as he left on a very different note. I don’t want to jump to any conclusion.”

Previously Akanksha had also spoken about the tattoo controversy that took place inside the house. paras, who has Akanksha’s name inked on his wrist, was seen talking to Arhaan in one episode how he had to get it done forcefully, in order to prove his love. Paras had even said that the tattoo has been made in a manner that it can be altered in the future if the need be.

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Akanksha she had expressed her disappointment over the incident and said in an earlier interview, “The tattoo on his hand was a surprise gift from him. I was in the middle of a shoot when he sent a picture of the tattoo on my phone. And because he had tattooed my signature, I got a tattoo of his name. I never thought that he would cook up this story inside the house,” she said.

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