BB 13: Paras Chabbra’s GF Akanksha Puri reacts on his closeness with Mahira, says friends don’t give love bites


Love is in the air in Bigg Boss house. Recently, Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma confess their feelings for each other.

Paras Chabbra's GF Akanksha Puri reacts on his closeness

Now, Paras Chabbra’s girlfriend Akanksha Puri opens on his closeness with Mahira.

While talking to TOI, Akanksha told “I respect Mahira’s mom. She has never talked ill about me and has shown her concerns towards me. Even I have male friends, but the gestures Paras and Mahira are doing don’t happen between friends. What they are doing happens between couples. Especially the intimate gestures, the love bites that he is giving Mahira happens between couples.”

Paras Chabbra’s GF Akanksha Puri reacts on his closeness

She added: “I think Mahira must be having friends who do such stuff but I don’t have. She doesn’t react when Paras is doing it. She reacts when he has done so all this shows that the girl is comfortable. All this is making me feel if Paras is doing this for the game or something is really cooking between them.”

Despite all this, Akanksha still supports Paras. “It’s not that I have stopped supporting. I am supporting Paras even now and will continue to do so till the time he is in the show because it has nothing to do with our relationship. I know I am like a strong pillar in his life, his support system; so I would not stop supporting him,” she said.

She said she is mature enough to not take any decision in haste. “If he wants to move on in life tomorrow, I am fine with it but first I need to speak to him,” she added.

Akanksha said that Paras has hurt her and her self respect. “If these lies would have helped his game, I would have still given him a benefit of doubt but they haven’t helped him. I feel there was no need to lie and present a sobbing story. Initially, when he said that I am forcing this relationship on him and I cry and go and sit at his house, I felt that since he had to prove the connection inside, he was lying,” she said.

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Akankasha then spoke about Paras’ dynamics with then-foe-now-friend Sidharth Shukla. “I can this with a guarantee that Paras is playing with Sidharth. He can fall in love on the show but when it comes to being friends, I don’t think he can ever be a true friend of Sidharth. He knows that Sidharth is the strongest on the show and he doesn’t want to look bad by messing up with him,” she told

Akanksha added: “He has developed a bond with Sidharth to be safe in the game and it is quite a smart move. This friendship is for the game Mahira and Paras both know this.”