Sushant Singh Rajput’s MS Dhoni co-star Bhumika Chawla shares heartfelt note, says ‘I wake of thinking of you’

Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death came as a shock to the entire nation. The actor committed suicide on June 14 by hanging himself from a ceiling fan.

Reportedly, the actor was reportedly suffering from clinical depression. Fans are finding it difficult to come to terms with his death.

Recently, actress Bhumika Chawla who worked with him in MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, has penned an emotional post after 20 days of his death.

Bhumika Chawla shares heartfelt note

In the post, she reveals that she wakes up every day thinking of the actor. She further says that she does not know what took his life and questions if it was depression or something professional. She further adds, he should have spoken as it is not easy to survive in the industry and ‘It is What It is’.

Her post reads, “It’s been almost 20 days … and I wake up thinking of you . Still wondering what it was … one only shared the screen space as a character briefly but still associated together …. Was it depression – personal — then you should have spoken …. If it was professional – you had already done such good films .. YES I AGREE it’s not easy to survive here — I am not talking of insider or outsiders — IT IS WHAT IT IS — yes if I have to connect with someone even after having done 50 plus films it ain’t easy — but I am still grateful I am doing work — maybe I just choose to work on this perspective — constantly pushing myself to think and believe good .. Yes there are times when you call or message people from the industry ( Bollywood or other places ) most people are really WARM and KIND but we do find those who refuse to acknowledge or just brush you aside — THE WORLD IS MADE OF ALL SORTS …. THERE are most who will respect you always but rare few when they need you they come to you – but when you drop a tinkle saying you would love to work together with them , they say we will see …. or smile it off ( though I never believed in doing that earlier , I did in the last few years make an effort — that’s what life is — nothing comes without effort and hard work -),” Bhumika wrote.

“YET I STILL THANK GOD FOR Everything … I choose to say that it’s ok – maybe one doesn’t fit the bill , the role and so it’s ok ….. POSITIVE …. and finally if there is any thing more to you going than professional disappointment , or depression cause of various reasons,” the actress further said.

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Bhumika had earlier requested people to pray for Sushant Singh Rajput, rather than speculating the cause of his death.

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