6 Funny Mistakes in Shah Rukh Khan starrer ‘Raees’


Shah Rukh Khan starrer ‘Raees’ has been released in cinemas and is receiving a good response from the audience. Many people have seen the film as yet. But their are some silly mistakes which we bet you didn’t notice. Here we are going to show you some silly mistakes in the movie.

1. Royal Stag Bottles

In the film, police inspector Jaideep (Nawazuddin) was seen crushing the liquor bottles through road rollers. If you zoom it than these are Royal Stag bottles and the movie is based on 80s and ‘Royal Stag’ was launched in 1995.

2. Nitex underwear brand

The movie is based on 80s but in a scene ‘Nitex underwear aur baniyan’s ad’ is seen behind SRK where he gets involved in a fierce fighting scene. But, Nitex was established in the year 1995.