Bigg Boss 10: Manveer Hurt Himself Badly During A Captaincy Task



Bigg Boss 10 contestants Manveer and Gaurav stand for the captaincy task. Bigg Boss announces captaincy task in which Manveer and Gaurav had to create a portrait on a big canvas.


The two contenders were given paint buckets for their task and also instructions were given by Bigg Boss that the two can spoil each other’s portrait in order to become the captain.

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While doing the task, Manveer’s leg gets slipped due to the slippery and his head gets banged on the table. The housemates get panic as they see Manveer got a cut on his forehead.


Also, Mona Lisa breaks down badly after seeing Manveer hurt and bleeding. Well, the game is getting too serious and it seems the housemates are risking themselves to win the task.

Manveer is still in a bed rest. Looks like he is not feeling well.

We hope he recovers the injury very soon.