Meet Superstar Rajinikanth’s Look Alike Kannan Pillai



Superstar Rajinikanth turns 66 today. Born on 12 December 1950, this day is not less then any festival for Rajini’s fans. he is not only a south superstar but also most famous in Bollywood too. But did you know that Rajinikanth’s duplicate is also active in film industry. People call him “Junior Rajinikanth”.

Rajinikanth and Kannan Pillai

Junior Rajinikanth Kanna Pillai is the Mirror image of Rajinikanth. He acted as duplicate Rajinikanth in so many TV Ads, 5 Kannada films and around 1000 show. Kannan Pillai’s not just look but his style too matched with Rajini. He call himself a reflection of Rajinikanth.

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Kannan acted in many films as Rajinikanth’s duplicate…

Rajinikanth and Kannan Pillai

Kannan believes that, because of the likeness of Rajinikanth he found work in Bollywood. He worked as Rajinikanth’s duplicate in Kamal Hasan’s “Chachi 420″ and Salman Khan’s “Pyar kiya to darna kya”.