Bigg Boss 10: Shocking! Bani J banned from gym



Bigg Boss 10 contestant Bani J is having a hard time in the house dealing with all the hatred that is coming her way. But, now get ready for a dramatic and full twists Bigg Boss episode today.


Yesterday, we saw that Manu made entry in the secret room. Since then Manu and Priyanka Jagga have been listening and watching to each and every activity of housemates.

On the other hand, housemates are in an illusion that Priyanka Jagga has been eliminated and are clueless about Manu’s entry in the house. Today Bigg Boss will introduce a luxury task ‘BB Democracy’. As per this task, housemates will take some decisions from time to time. The decision is to be taken following the democratic method of Majority.

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But the twist is that these decisions will be taken by Manu and Priyanka Jagga who are in secret room.

Now under this task, Bigg Boss asks Manu and Priyanka that whether Bani should be banned from gym or not? Both of them say yes to this which directly mean that Bani won’t be able to gym from now onward.