BIGG BOSS 10: Finally! Manu and Priyanka re-enter the house from secret room



We all know that Manu Punjabi and Priyanka Jagga have been kept in secret room. It was shown to all the housemates that Priyanka Jagga has been evicted but she was kept in Secret room. Soon, Manu Punjabi also joined Priyana Jagga in the secret room. Manu had to make an emergency exit due to death of his mother.


Since Manu has been in Secret Room, everyone is waiting that when he will return. Looks like that time has finally arrived. Both Manu and Priyanka re-enter in the house.

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Priyanka and Manu have caused quite a stir in the house, even before their re-entry. Bigg Boss gave the two some powers to make rough decisions for the contestants, and the two made sure that they picked the rough most option. Like they made Rohan Mehra give up all of his belongings in the house, and also banned Bani from using the gym.

We wonder how will contestants react when they find out that Priyanka and Manu were behind all those decisions.

Stay tuned for all the updates!