Kareena Kapoor Admits What Irritates Her During Pregnancy



Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan is in the ninth month of her pregnancy and she is expected to deliver by December 20.  If talk about her maternity period so she has gracefully handled the beautiful phase of her life. She wore the sexiest maternity outfits by not compromising on her style, she attended parties coz friends make her happy, she graced some of the most famous magazine covers flaunting her baby bump and has eventually gone up to all the stereotypes surrounding pregnant women. But, there have been a few things that annoyed her during her pregnancy.


In her recent interaction with Grazia, Kareena has opened up on the most annoying thing that she’s faced during pregnancy.

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She said, “What annoys me is when people take the liberty to throw advice at you, tell you how life is going to change, and deliver spiels on what’s morally right and wrong. This is the most guarded part of my life and I haven’t even asked for anyone’s advice. We’re not even thinking of names or buying baby stuff. Saif and I want to go by what we feel at the moment. We didn’t even sit down and decide this is how we wanted to take these nine months. He just told me to take care of myself, and respected my decision of continuing to work and be active.”

Well, we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this new bundle of joy.