BB10: Shocking! ‘I will ruin your carrier by smashing your face’ says Swami Om to Rohan Mehra



With each passing day, game is getting stronger and tough in Bigg Boss house. There are contestants who now know how to handle the situations and fights inside the Bigg Boss house.


On day 65 episode Bigg Boss gave a love task to the contestants and made Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga villain of the task. It looked like that Swami Om took that too seriously. We know that Swami got physical with Rohan Mehra but you can’t believe what he said at that time.


When Rohan was in washroom, Swami Om was having something like iron in his hand. Swami Om then threatened Rohan and said that he will ruin his career. He also said to Rohan that he will ruin his face so that he cannot get work ever in his career.

Things escalated quickly and all the other housemates were just appalled with Om Swami’s behaviour. Since their fight, which had gone very ugly refused to cool down, Om was called inside the confession room and was given a last warning.

Bigg Boss warned him that if he ever tries to threaten anyone again, he will be thrown out of the house at that very moment.

Well, we are waiting to see how host Salman Khan will react to Om Swami’s threats.