BB 10: After throwing out Priyanka from the house, here is what Salman Khan did with Swami Om



Finally makers of the Colors TV show took a big decision and kicked Priyanka Jagga out of the Bigg Boss 10. It was all Salman Khan’s decision and was a big step which should have been taken way before but better late than never.


Priyanka Jagga was not only the one top create nuisance and make derogatory remarks on the housemates. Swami Om was her partner in crime.

After Salman asked Priyanka Jagga to leave the show, we wonder what will Swami Om do? But Salman Khan had a solution for that too.

As Priyanka left the house, Salman Khan asked Manveer to get a dupatta from the Store room. As Manveer came in the living room with the ‘Dupatta’, Salman asked him to tie it to Swami Om’s mouth. Then he lashed out at Swami Om.