This video clip of Om Swami being “kidnapped” by the Bigg Boss 10 team is going viral



Finally, Om Swami is thrown out of the house and all the Bigg Boss fans can rejoice. For those who don’t know, in the recent captaincy task when he was playing against Bani all the housemates supported Bani and none of them supported Swami Om. And that made him angry like anything. And he did one of the most disgusted act in the history of Bigg Boss. He took his pee and threw at Bani and Rohan. This irritated all the Bigg Boss contestants like anything and all of them locked Om Swami inside the house jail. He kept on shouting and proving that he did no mistake but no one listened to him.

This video clip of Om Swami being “kidnapped” by the Bigg Boss 10 team is going viral 3

And finally Bigg Boss kicked him out of the show. Bigg Boss said that the recent act of Swami Om is intolerable and beyond repaid and thus he needs to leave the show immediately.

After this, Om went Live on a news channel post his unceremonious ouster and made some serious accusation on Salman Khan and the makers of the show. From calling the BB10 host an ISI agent to accusing the show runners of spiking his food, he said it all.

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And just now a video is being made viral on all the social networking sites. The video show Om Swami being dragged near a car. He is surrounded by a group of men who are dragging him towards the car. And he reaches to the car he hits back everyone and shouts that people are kidnapping him.

From the looks of it, this was taken when Om stepped out of the Bigg Boss house recently for a hearing related to one of his legal cases.

Salman, who taped the Weekend Ka Vaar episode earlier was highly annoyed with what happened inside the house. He strongly condemned Swami Om’s behaviour and said that he is glad that Bigg Boss took a prompt decision of throwing him out of the house. And, he doesn’t want Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga in his close vicinity which is why he’s clearly told the Colors team to make sure neither Priyanka nor Swami is invited to the show’s grand finale that’s supposed to take place at the end of this month.