Kunwar Amarjeet Singh is all set to return on ‘Naamkarann’


Star Plus’s show Naamkaran is soon going to showcase the re-entry of an important character who had made an exit a few weeks back.  Yes, we are talking about actor Kunwar Amarjeet Singh who essays the role of Aladin is back in the show.

Kunwar Amarjeet Singh is all set to return on 'Naamkarann' 1

If reports are to be believed, the actor has to make an untimely exit from Mahesh Bhatt’s daily soap.

As per the current track of the show, it is seen that Avni gets more and more sure that Daya has some connection with Asha’s death.

Avni manages to fight against some cruel goons who were sent by Daya and escapes from them. Avni manages to return home just in time while her brother Aman’s Naamkaran is taking place. Avni intrudes in the Naamkaran and says that her brother already has a name Aman Aisha. Avni is determined that her brother’s name should not be changed and she is also determined to expose Asha’s killer. Avni meets a police man and tells him about her doubts on Daya.

The police will work with Avni to expose the truth behind Asha’s death. Apart from this, there will be a surprise re-entry as Aladdin is all set to make a comeback on the show. Aladdin was earlier seen making an exit after betraying Avni. However, Aladdin will make a re-entry and he will repent for his past deeds. Aladdin will be seen as a pillar of support for Avni as she tries to nab Asha’s killer.

Let’s wait and see whether Aladdin aka Kunwar Amarjeet Singh’s re-entry in the show helps to spike up its popularity.