World Cancer Day: 6 Celebrities Who Won The Battle Against Cancer



3. Anurag Basu

Anurag Basu

Bollywood filmmaker Anurag Basu was diagnosed with acute promyelocytic Leukemia (a type of blood cancer) in 2004. Doctors told him that he had only 50% chance of survival. But like his movies, he called the shots on life as well and fought the disease like a champ. He wrote scripts during his treatment for “Life In A Metro” and “Gangster”.

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4. Lisa Ray

Lisa Ray

On 23 June 2009, Lisa Ray was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer of the white blood cells known as plasma cells, which produce antibodies. It is a rare disease. In April 2010, she announced that she was cancer-free, after a stem cell transplant. The rare disease is treatable but incurable. But she fought out of it bravely.