8 Times Bollywood Celebrities Were Caught Off Guard In Front Of Camera!


Life of an actor isn’t just about clicking pictures and earning money. Their lives have numerous problems, and one of them is looking perfect EVERYDAY. These stars always have to look presentable and picture ready, and there are many reasons why.

As the celebrity steps out of their privacy, paparazzi starts flashing lights on them, and of course, the pose perfect. But what happens when these celebrities are caught off guard on camera? Sounds funny? Of course it is!

So here are top eight celebrities who were caught off guard on camera!

#1 Siddharth Mallya

Well, Siddharth is Deepika Padukone’s ex boyfriend, but he shouldn’t at her body parts in public!

#2 Shilpa Shetty 

I just want to know what made Shilpa Shetty make this hilarious face!

#3 Aamir Khan

Mr. perfect, Aamir Khan maybe good at controlling emotions, but right now his gaze of Katrina Kaif’s legs doesn’t make much sense!

#4 Kajol

Well, this picture of Kajol was also used in some memes, which were funny, no doubt!

#5 Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra maybe the coolest celebrity of the town, but her YO with those expressions is rather amusing!

#6 Anushka Sharma

Looks like Anushka Sharma is too excited to get a picture!!!

#7 Farah Khan


Looks like this mother of three is not much compatible with her fashionable dress!

#8 Emraan Hashmi

IDK for what he was posing, but he surely looks funny! LOL

Stay tuned for more!!! 😀