OMG! Arjun Rampal accused of injuring man at nightclub



Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal landed into a legal trouble. The actor has recently been accused of assault in a five-star hotel in New Delhi.

OMG! Arjun Rampal accused of injuring man at nightclub 1

According to reports, A 24-year-old businessman has filed a complaint with the Delhi Police against Arjun Rampal, claiming that the actor injured him by throwing a camera flash at him at a club in Lutyens’ Zone on Saturday night.

As per information, the actor, who was playing the DJ at the hotel last night, was peeved when a photographer tried to click his pictures. He then snatched his camera and threw it on the floor.

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The complainant, Shobhit, claimed that the incident took place around 3.30 am when Rampal was being photographed. The actor grabbed the camera flash and threw it at the crowd, injuring him, he alleged. “I went to the club for the first time with my friends. I was on the dance floor. Some photographers were taking pictures of Rampal, and he got rattled. He then grabbed the camera flash and threw it at us, following which I got injured,” he said.

Rampal, however, tweeted: “Woke up to be flooded by messages of assaulting a fan. Man! Where do people make this news up from? Not assaulted anyone #untrue #fakenews.”

“No FIR has been registered yet and proper action will be taken after investigation. We have issued a challan to the club under the Delhi Police Act. We are scanning their licence and other documents too,” Verma said.

Police said the complainant has not sustained any serious injuries but Shobhit claimed that he had received four stitches on his forehead.