Raveena Tandon couldn’t sleep for 3 nights after shooting rape scenes in Maatr!



90s famous actress Raveena Tandon is making her comeback from the film ‘Maatr’. There are times when experiences leave behind a permanent mark on us. Actor Raveena Tandon underwent a similar episode in her life while shooting for the film.

Raveena Tandon couldn't sleep for 3 nights after shooting rape scenes in Maatr! 3

The actress said when she heard the story of the movie for the first time she found it both interesting and disturbing. Once the shooting for the movie began, she said, she was bale to connect with her character very well.

“Yes. I was really devastated after some scenes in the movie. I couldn’t sleep for four nights. Since whenever I used to try to sleep, the scenes started rolling in front of my eyes. Even at the time of dubbing, I couldn’t do it properly. I started crying in between the dubbing sessions since it was very disturbing to watch such scene again and again. But what the script demands, the actor offers. It was a very dreadful journey. Imagine what would be the mindset of the rape victim. I get thrills all over my spine.”

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When she was asked about her character in the film she said, “I’m playing a role of a mother named Vidya, whose daughter got raped. Vidya as well faces much hardships due to the behavior of the public. After relentlessly relying on the police and not finding any solution to it, she starts taking her own ways to handle the situation.”

The Mohra actor, however, rejected reports that the movie is based on 16 December Delhi gang rape.

“The film is based in Delhi, but it has nothing to do with the incident. However, it’s really strange that the minute we wrapped up shooting in the Capital, a similar incident happened, exactly like what we shot for the film. So when we read about the incident in newspapers, we were shocked that something we shot in fiction has actually happened in real. That was uncanny”

She also added that she will not reveal much about the incident and story of the movie. “I don’t want to mention the incident I am referring to because if then I will be revealing about the storyline of the film,” she adds.