After ‘No Boyfriend’, Sridevi made another strict rules for daughters Jhanvi and Khushi


Most of us would like to believe that starkids have a lot of liberty and live a carefree life but this is not true in the case of Sridevi’s daughters Jhanvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor.

The star daughters who always grabbed everyone’s attention by there public appearance has to follow some rules and restrictions just like each one of us do!

Sridevi with her daughters

Sridevi in an interview with DNA revealed that she is a strict mom to them and have given them time curfew as well. Yes, she said, ”  Yes, rules are same for both Jhanvi and Khushi. They know they have a curfew time and they have to be back home. Else, I will keep calling and inquiring.”

When asked if they bargain time,  the Mom actress said, “They react by bargaining. They will be like, ‘Mama, half-an-hour more? Mama, 20 minutes more, please? But they are very obedient children. Touchwood. Both Jhanvi and Khushi are very understanding, and they know their limits really well.”

“There’s an insecurity about my children, when they go out, till they are back I am worried. I call them several times to just find out ki kya ho raha, gaadi kahi ruk gayi hai ya nahi. These are all the basic things that any other mother keeps worrying about when it comes to her children”, added Sridevi.

Sridevi even spoke about their food and sleeping habits. She said, ” Both of them are extremely health conscious and I don’t have to control them. It’s not like everything’s going haywire, it has never reached that level. Sometimes, one late night and the next day they start cribbing saying ‘we can’t handle it’. So it’s good that they know the value of being healthy so I don’t have to push them too much.”

Jhanvi and khushi kapoor

Sridevi is an extremely protective mother to them and while talking about it, she added, “I didn’t want Jhanvi to become an actress. As a parent, one is naturally protective of their children and you are literally exposing them to the world. Itne saal aapne usko protect kiya and you want them to just happily settle. Bas stress-free ho jao but that doesn’t happen. Today, children too have their own minds and beginning mein, I ignored it and tried to caution her saying that this is a tough job. There’s so much sacrifice, so much to give — no pain, no gain. But it seems she’s ready for it. As parents, we will support her.”

Earlier, In November 2016, she created a ‘No Boyfriend’ Rule for Jhanvi and Khushi. Sridevi has kept a lot of restrictions like no boyfriends. Not only dating, but she is not even allowed to have any male friends in her circle. This strict move by the talented actor must have taken place after the pictures of Jhanvi kissing her boyfriend Shikhar Pahariya went viral on the Internet a few months ago.