‘I always wanted to take revenge from Bani’, says Bigg Boss 10 winner Manveer Gurjar


Commoner contestant Manveer Gurjar won reality TV show “Bigg Boss 10″ on Sunday in a close fight with celebrity contestant Bani J.

bani and manveer

Manveer was overwhelmed by the love that the audience gave him and was also surprised that he won even when he was contesting against Bani J. After winning an intense battle against his opponent Bani, Manveer Gurjar gave an interview in which he revealed his desperate desire of taking a revenge from Bani.

n the early days of the show, Manveer was least popular and Bani was amongst the top faces of “Bigg Boss” this season. Manveer’s victory was thus more special as he defeated the only face in the “Bigg Boss’ house which had a reality show already credited to her name.

Manveer stated, “I knew Bani had a very big fan following. Earlier, I was scared of Bani’s fan following. But then as people started coming inside the house, they started appreciating meand my confidence started growing. And when I saw the kind of people that had assembled at the mall when we were taken there, I was moved by the love that people were giving me. That’s when I understood that the audience is loving me.”

In the same interview, Manveer even recalled to the time when he was on a mission to take revenge from Bani. He said, “During the first week I was nominated because of Bani. I felt bad at that time. Later when she became the captain, she gave me a punishment and made me clean the dishes. That’s when I had thought that I will also become the captain one day and make her do something like this.”

bani and manveer

However, having said that, today, Manveer is all praises for Bani J as he feels she is setting the brightest example for every woman in the society out there. From being scared to respecting her for what she is, Manveer said, “A girl like Bani is a very rare sight. A girl with lots of tattoos, muscles and abs is very rare. I feel that Bani is an inspiration for many girls as she is sending out a message that ‘Ladkiyan aisi bhi hoti hai’.”

Talking about his future plans. Manveer said “If i get good offers in the future, I may consider shifting to Mumbai. I cannot do scripted stuff. If I’m told to do a scripted act, I tend to fumble. So, if it’s a good reality show, I don’t mind taking it up.”