Bigg Boss: 10 Contestants Who Were Furiously Thrown Out Of The House!!!


Bigg Boss is one of the most controversial and engrossing show of the Entertainment Industry. Whether it is about creating romance between enemies, or building rivalries, the show never lets its viewers down.

Even though the show brings out stunts to get huge TRP, but when it comes to physical or mental violence, Salman Khan doesn’t think twice before throwing out the contestants, Don’t believe me? Then look at these 10 contestants who were brutally kicked out of the house!


#1 Priyank Sharma

In Bigg Boss 11, Priyank Sharma was thrown out during a Weekend Ka Vaar episode in which a video was shown, in which contestant Akash and Priyank were fighting about the sexual preferences, where Priyank couldn’t control his anger and went down to physical violence. This was it, and then he was thrown out of the house by an angry Salman Khan!


#2 Priyanka Jagga

Priyanka Jagga, who was a controversial contestant in Bigg Boss season 10, but her behavior was cruel enough to provoke Salman Khan to throw her out of the house. The situations went worse when Priyanka spoke offensive about Manu Punjabi’s late mother, and rather than apologizing Salman for her bitter behavior, she even started fighting with Salman which led her to the exit of the house.


#3 Om Swami

From getting physical with his housemates, to passing offensive comments against the Bigg Boss 10 house ladies, Swami Om did every possible thing to irritate the Bigg Boss makers and the Dabangg host. But this isn’t it as he was finally evicted for peeing on his fellow housemates Rohan and Bani during a task.

#4 Ajaz Khan

This all started when Ajaz Khan, who was a part of Bigg Boss season 8, burst into a song which annoyed his inmate Ali Quli Mirza. Instead of forgetting and moving on, the two men went on for a heated fist fight, and not only this but Ajaz also tried to stangle Ali, for which he was thrown out of the house.


#5 Puneet Issar

Bigg Boss 8 contestant Puneet Issan who also played as Duryodhan in the serial Mahabharat, was finally eliminated after inmate Aarya Babbar accused him for using physical force during performing in a luxury budget task.

#6 Kushal Tandon

Bigg Boss season 7 contestant Kushal Tandon was eliminated from the show because of his violent act against his inmates VJ Andy and Tanishaa Mukherjee. Kushal’s mega fight not only made him an overnight sensation, but also the most tweeted television celebrity.


#7 Imam Siddiqui

Bigg Boss 6 contestant Imam Siddiqui was brutally troubling his co-contestant. And just to irritate her fellow contestant more, he decided to wear a skin-colored body suit and acted as if he was a tiger. Not only this, but because of his aggressive behavior he broke every earthenware and ceranic. After getting annoyed, Salman himself evicted Imam!


#8 KRK Aka Kamaal Rashid Khan

Kamaal Rashid Khan was a part of Bigg Boss season 3, and was the first ever contestant to be thrown out of the house in the show’s history. FYI, KRK was already nominated for straight three weeks, but when he hurled a bottle at inmate Rohit Verma, which accidentally hit actress Shamita Shetty, he was kicked out!!!


#9 Pooja Missra

If you don’t remember her, she was a part of Bigg Boss season 5, and was one of the most controversial woman in the season. But, when she alleged assault on his inmate Siddharth Bhardwaj due to her foul temper, she was thrown out of the famous reality show.


#10 Rahul Mahajan

Rahul, who was co-contestant of Imam Siddique in season 8, was also thrown out of the house for his stubbornness and foul behavior. Rahul and his inmates Ashutosh Kaushik and Zulfi Sayed tried to break out of the Bigg Boss house. Where Zulfi and Ashutosh apologized and stayed back in the show, Rahul refused to do so, and was thrown out eventually.

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