Bigg Boss 11: Hiten Tejwani loses his cool for the first time on the show, warns Akash Dadlani


This week we saw the biggest twist during nominations in Bigg Boss 11 house where housemates were asked to sacrifice their personal belongings!

Luv Tyagi had to get a ‘zero’ henna tattoo on his forehead to save Hina Khan. Priyank Sharma went bald to save Hiten Tejwani and Benafsha Soonawalla gave the ultimate test of friendship by getting nominated for two weeks straight to save Priyank Sharma. And of course, Hiten Tejwani had to shred his family photograph to save Akash Dadlani.

Some something strange happened between all these. Yes, actor Hiten Tejwani is known for his peaceful and down-to-earth nature loses his cool for the time in the house.

It all happened, when Aakash Dadlani accuses Hiten of being nice in front of everyone and enjoying all the fights behind their back. This thing annoy Hiten who sacrificed his family photo save him and in return he is getting lack of enthusiasm. Hiten also warns Aakash to not ever try again to talk shit about him.

Akash further instigated Hiten by dragging Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan into the argument. When Arshi and Shilpa tried to pass off the argument as a joke, Hiten lost his calm on them too.

This is the first time since the show has started that Hiten Tejwani has lost his calm on the show.

Checkout the video right here: