After getting evicted, Nitibha opens up on her relationship with Manveer Gurjar


Last week Nitibha Kaul has been eliminated from Colors TV reality show Bigg Boss 10. We all know that there was ‘something’ between Manveer Gurjar and Nitibha Kual.

We exclusively told you about Nitibha Kaul’s last conversation with Manveer Gurjar. She said that she wants Manveer to take care of her like she does.

Now after coming out, Nitibha has finally spoken about her relationship with Manveer.

In an interview to a news daily, Nitibha said “It’s only natural for people to have multiple opinions about friendship. It is a show and people watching it might feel that our equation was fake. But to clear the air, I would say it was all real, natural and organic. If I had to build a fake friendship just for the game, I would have done that much before. But I became friends with Manveer only in the seventh-eighth week. I spoke well with everyone but wasn’t friends with anyone because it didn’t happen naturally and when it happened with Manveer, I gave it my all and it was a great journey with him.”

Nitibha also said that she wants Manveer Gurjar to win the show and tweeted about it.

She added ““I would love to see him win because he represents the common man well. He has performed superbly in the tasks and on the show. He does have a connect with the masses which is very important for the show. Also, his community is very strong when it comes to supporting him. So, I think he should win.”