The makers of Bigg Boss 10 to finally take legal action against Swami Om!


‘Bigg Boss 10’ is heading towards its finale which will take place on January 29. The 10th season of the show was much in the limelight than expected because of the two contestants Om Swami and Priyanka Jagga.

The duo have managed to be grab the limelight with their antics. From spitting, throwing urine and yelling and fighting they have done it all. Finally the duo were kicked out of the show by the host Salman Khan.

Ever since Om Swami has come out of the Bigg Boss 10 house, he has been making irrational claims against shows contestants and Salman Khan.

He has claimed that he has slapped Salman Khan. Not only this, he also said that the superstar has Aids, got married in London and has a daughter too!. He also added that the inmates have s** too in the house.

Recently he even made a shocking statement of breaking bones of Salman Khan if he was not allowed to be present in the grand finale of the show.

Well, Om Swami has left no stone unturned to pull down Salman Khan and the makers of the show.

As per the source, the production team of Bigg Boss is planning to file a legal case against Om Swami. “Endemol is in talks to take a legal action against this controversial man and are yet to take a final decision over the same. It’s time to give Om Swami a taste of his own medicine.” says sources.

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