Meet Ranveer Singh’s Look Alike from Pakistan who is breaking the Internet!


It is said to believe that there are 7 look alike people for each face. Here among the celebrities we have found the look alike for Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh. Yes, we are talking about Hammad Shoaib.

Damn! Got this collage last night. Much resemblance? @ranveersingh #lookalike

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Hammad Shoaib, a resident of Faisalabad in Pakistan’s Punjab province, is creating a lot of buzz on the internet for his striking resemblance to the Bollywood actor.

Shoaib sports the same hairstyle and beard, and has quite the dance moves. Just have a look.

Almost all major Pakistani newspapers reported about Shoaib after a popular blogger wrote about him and shared his pictures. Soon, hundreds of star-struck users of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter shared his images, swooning over his piercing eyes and rough and tough look.

I’ve already posted many pictures in black shalwaar kameez. This is the last one.

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The 20-year-old businessman from Pakistan has become an overnight sensation after a news report compared him to Ranveer. Ever since, Hammad has been getting offers from the directors but he’s yet to sign films.