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Remember Salman Khan’s ‘Sanam Bewafa’ co-star Chandni, here is what she is doing now-a-days!

There was a couple of actresses in Bollywood who paired opposite Salman Khan. One of them is his ‘Sanam Bewafa’ co-star Chandni, who rarely seen in the movies after giving this blockbuster film.

 actress navodita sharma

Chandni acted in 10 films in her Bollywood career of 5 years and said goodbye to films. But she never left her passion for films. Her passion about acting can be estimated by this thing that she left her original name Navodita Sharma and not only adopted the name ‘Reel’ name Chandni, but also named her two daughters Kareena and Karisma on the name of Bollywood heroins. 

actress navodita sharma

Today Chandni is anonymity with Bollywood but is getting lots of appreciation in abroad. Far from the movies and glare, Chandni has now become a dance teacher. After anonymity with the films, maybe no one tried to take care of Chandni, but whoever knows about her success today will feel proud on her.

actress navodita sharma

Not many people know that Chandni was doing Modern and Classical Dance training from the age of five, but she chose films. In the films, Chandni consoled dreams of creating a new dimension, but after a hit, her dream broke, when no film was doing well on box office. But she did not panic and made her dream of dance come true. 

actress navodita sharma

Today Chandni is lighting the name of India at the International level. Chandni runs a dance institute in Orlando. Apart from teaching dance, Chandni has done several dance shows at the international level.

actress navodita sharma

She currently teaches Indian Dance in Orlando called C Studios. Chandni has held events at Hard Rock in Universal Studios and House of Blues in Disney.

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actress navodita sharma

Chandni also holds an event with NBA team Orlando Magic called Bollywood Magic.

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