PADMAVATI: Do You Know The Cost Of Delaying The Release Of The Movie? Read Below!


The 150 cr budget period movie by SLB, Padmavati was on the top of controversies even before releasing. But, as the movie is delayed for the release, the makers, investors and the actors are facing huge losses. The cost of postponing the movie will have to be negotiated with some kind of means.

On this Girish Menon, director, media and entertainment, KPMG India said, “Their investment, however much it is, is blocked for now and cannot be used anywhere, so if they need money elsewhere, they will have to look at other sources,”

“They might be hoping that by January, a bulk of the money would come back (from box office earnings) so their planning for future projects gets affected. For all you know, Viacom may need to push some of its smaller movies or redo its investment portfolio because this money is stuck.” He added.

The founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of brand consulting firm Brands of Desire also said that, “The movie’s already in the news, so promotion is not an issue. But there would be a re-marketing effort required, maybe post the Gujarat elections to recover the buzz and create some kind of a positive impact,”.

“Closer to release, the makers might go for a blitz to make the distributors and exhibitors feel confident (of the film).” said Saurabh Uboweja.

“You’d fixed a release window which is now gone and you have to identify a new one which may or may not be optimum. Generally, all the high-profile windows are booked a year in advance,” Menon said.

Rajendar Singh, vice-president, programming and distribution, INOX Leisure Ltd also commented that,“Of course, it’s created a crisis for us. We hadn’t planned for any other big film for two weeks post 1 December. It’s a huge void,”.

Which means not only the producers, but all other factors related to the movie will face a huge loss!

Let’s see what SLB plans ahead!