Rajinikanth says he will announce his decision of joining politics on December 31!


After having much speculations doing the rounds, Rajinikanth on Tuesday addressing his fans here said he will announce his political stance on December 31.

The actor spoke about it on Tuesday but kept the speculations intact and said, “I am not saying that I will come to politics… I will announce my stand on entering politics on December 31.”

On Tuesday, the actor resumed meeting his fans in Chennai, which will continue until the eve of New Year. It is the continuation of his meet-and-greet programme, which he began earlier this year.

Addressing his much-excited fans over his political aspirations, Rajini said, “I’m not sure whether who is more curious about my political entry, the people or the media. I told earlier itself let us wait until the war is here. When I say ‘war’ it means elections.”

“I’m not new to politics, I entered in 1996 itself,” the 67-year-old superstar said. “I’m hesitating because, I know the challenges one should face in politics. Had I not known them, I would have taken the plunge a long before. If you go to war, you should win. Not just strength, you also need a strategy to win the war. I will tell you all my decision on my political entry on December 31.”

Rajinikanth also made it clear that the decision that will be announced, will not necessarily be an entry into the politics. “I did not say on December 31, I will join politics. I will tell you what I will be deciding.”

There has been speculation about Rajinikanth’s imminent entry into politics ever since he hinted at the possibility in May. He said if he ever did so, he would take on those who make money out of it. “If god is willing, I will enter politics and keep away those who are money-minded and power-hungry,” he had said in his first direct address to fans in eight years.