Remember actor Dinesh Hingoo, who is known for his unique laughter? Here is how he looks now!


There were many actors in bollywood who make us laugh. There are some actors who are still remembered by people, while there are some who became anonymous. Actually, it is a tradition that people slowly forgets the actors who stays away from limelight. This happens not only with small actors, but with big actors too.


Today, we are going to meet you one of the actor actor. Yes, we are talking about actor Dinesh Hingorani. You must have seen him entertaining people with his acting in many films.

Dinesh Hingorani, is a Bollywood actor who has played mainly comic roles. He has appeared in over 300 films, from Taqdeer (1967) to Be Careful (2010), and is known for his unique laughter and impersonations including that of a Parsi businessman.

He has played supporting roles and bit parts in famous movies such as SaajanBaazigarHumraazDaraarNo EntryJudaaiKhoobsurat, Qurbani and Anubhav.

He has acted in television serials on Indian public broadcaster, Doordarshan. He is known for his character as Chaman Jhinga in Hera Pheri.

The actor has not done any film since a long time. But, we want this actor to work again in movies and make us laugh with his powerful performance.