Remember Kangana’s Roommates in ‘Queen’, Here is what they are doing now!


2. Jeffrey Ho aka Taka

Jeffrey Ho aka Taka

Jeffrey, who played Taka in the film, lived on with a happy face despite all the difficulties he was facing in his personal life. His strength to carry on gave Rani the courage to face her fears. Jeffrey was a student at ‘The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts’ (RADA) when he appeared in the film. he got busy rehearsing for his new play ‘Rights of Passage’ which premiered at Chelsea Theatre, London in May 2016.

3. Joseph Guitobh aka Tim

Joseph Guitobh aka Tim

He played the French guy who makes Rani feel safe and comfortable as one of her 3 roommates. He wasn’t a professional actor and director Vikas Bahl ran into him in the streets of Paris and really admired his body language and so decided to cast him. Joseph Guitobh continues to play with his band, Presteej, in France.