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Rapper Nova Praises Lord Ganesha With Its New Song ‘Belief’

Lyricist cum rapper Nova has come up with a unique rap which he has written on his own and lent his voice for the same. The rap is in praise for Lord Ganesha and thanking Him for his blessings and greatness in removing obstacles from our lives. Nova sings the rap in his unique style with a strong message in it.

The picturization is catchy with lots of colors, music, and celebration of Ganpati. Had it been the season of Ganesh Chaturthi, then it would have been the Ganpati Anthem. This is Nova’s first rap and Nova rapping and grooving to the energetic beats is quite appealing.

Directed by Anant Dixit and produced by Alfeeya Shaikh the music is composed by Branstetter. The song is catchy and connects with listeners. The video is uploaded by Pop Chartbusters on 12th December and has already become a hit with millions of views.