Salman Khan isn’t getting married because he is suffering from AIDS claims Swami Om!


Self-proclaimed godman Swami Om might have been out of the Bigg Boss 10 house but his weird antics are still making headlines. Earlier, he claimed that he slapped Salman Khan in the house has now taken a cheap game to a height.

Swami Om made another shocking remark on Bollywood Superstar and popular Bigg Boss host, Salman Khan.

According to Swami Om, Salman Khan is suffering from AIDS. He also claimed that  Salman got married in London and has a daughter too.

Crossing all limits, he said Salman Khan has AIDS and that is why the actor is not getting married.

Speaking to the news anchor, Swami Om said he cures cancer and AIDS patient from a particular medicine which he prepares during Navratri Kanya Pujan. He said he even offered Bigg Boss 10 makers to cure Salman of his AIDS.

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