Bigg Boss 10: Monalisa and boyfriend Vikrant to get a huge amount for their Wedding on the show!


The makers of Bigg Boss 10 have decided to host the wedding ceremony of Mona Lisa and her boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot inside the Bigg Boss house.

People are slamming the idea of Monalisa & Vikrant’s marriage by saying that this is done to raise the dipping TRPs of the show. Monalisa’s boyfriend has made it clear before entering the house that the marriage is for real and not for TRPs. But, if recent reports are to be believed, then money is playing an important role in their marriage.

We are still not sure about it but it seems as if money is playing a great role here. There is quite a possibility that the duo might be getting a huge amount of money for their shaadi.

In earlier seasons of Bigg Boss, Sara Khan and Ali Merchant got married but after coming out, they got separated. It was revealed that Sara and Ali’s marriage was paid and they were paid 50 Lakhs.

So there is a high possibility that Mona and Vikrant might also be getting paid a huge sum for having their shaadi on the high voltage reality show.