Meet Anushka Sharma’s look alike Nazia Hassan, who lost her life at the age of 35


Pakistani pop singer Nazia Hassan looked alike bollywood actress Anushka Sharma. She started her music career at the age of 10, and became one of the most prominent singers in Pakistan and India.

She has been termed as the “Queen of Pop” in South Asia. She, along with her brother Zoheb Hassan, went on to sell over 60 million records worldwide.

Hassan made her singing debut with the song “Aap Jaisa Koi”, from the Indian film Qurbani (1980). Her debut album, Disco Deewane (1981), charted in fourteen countries worldwide and became the best-selling Asian pop record up until that time.

Her last album, Camera Camera (1992) was part of a campaign against drugs. Through her successful singing career spanning over 25 years, Hassan became one of the subcontinent’s most popular celebrities.

She received numerous national and international awards, and at the age of 15 became the first Pakistani to win the Filmfare Award and remains the youngest recipient of the award till date.